Patient Access Request


This online portal has been designed to assist individuals, and/or their representatives, to access copies of the information held about them by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (‘the Trust’). Service users, staff members, and those authorised to act on the behalf of others can use this portal to submit ‘Subject Access Requests’ (see below). The Trust’s Medical Records team will monitor this portal to ensure that requests are responded to and actioned as appropriate.

Subject Access Requests

Article 15 of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) gives individuals, and/or their authorised representatives, the right to access copies of the information that an organisation holds on them – with some exemptions. These requests are known as Subject Access Requests (SARs). There is no charge for SARs; except in certain circumstances - such as if the request is deemed to be excessive or ‘manifestly unfounded’.

Before the Trust can process a SAR, we need to ensure that we have verified the applicant’s identity and, for representatives, that they have the necessary consent (or legal basis) to act on behalf of the individual. Once a valid request is received, and ID and/or a legal basis for sharing has been verified, the Trust should respond to requests within one calendar month; this deadline can be extended by a further 60 days in some circumstances.

Before responding to SARs, there are exemptions that the Trust has a duty to consider, such as the duty to protect the confidentiality of ‘third parties’. More information regarding SAR exemptions can be found on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office here.

How to make a request

You can make a Subject Access Request for copies of the information the Trust holds on you by creating an account and logging into the portal. The portal will enable you to submit your request, view the progress, and then let you download copies of the relevant information.

Please find a user guide here

Here are some FAQ's that may also be helpful.

Get Started Online

Using the SAR Portal is the most efficient way of submitting a SAR, it also helps us to process your request quickly. Please use the link below to create an account with the SAR Portal and submit your Subject Access Request. If you’re making a request for copies of your own information, please provide clear images of two forms of photographic identification (such as a passport and driving licence) when you submit your request. If you’re making a request for copies of someone else’s information, please provide two copies of photographic identification AND the explicit signed consent of the individual enabling you to receive copies of the requested records; or another legal basis for receiving the documents (such as Lasting Power of Attorney for Healthcare). We will acknowledge receipt of your request as soon as is possible.